Welcome to Blue Ridge Barkery. All receipe's have been "Lab" approved and taste tested by Delmar, Baxter, Montana, Memphis, Morgan and Jasper. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Thank you for visiting. EVENTS COMING UP: Due to Covid-19 most festivals have cancelled. What is still on at this time is. Nov and Dec are booked but will update as the time nears. Also, fingers crossed OMB is going to have 4 weekend this year can't wait. MARTINGALE COLLARS ARE IN STOCK AND WILL BE ON THE WEBSITE SHORTLY. WE HAVE 1" 1 1/2" AND 2" SIZES. THERE WILL BE FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, CHRISTMAS AND EVERYDAY COLLARS Kitchen is open and we're baking our treats. Order from the website www.blueridgebarkery.com ALL TREATS HAVE BEEN TESTED AND THE GUARANTEED ANALYSIS IS LISTED UNDER EACH TREAT